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Specific requests for things that people want in the wiki

I've seen some specific requests for things that should be on the wiki, and wanted to log them somewhere, so I have started a list:

  • Tagging system and the timing thereof.

Things we may want to have on the main page:

  • address/contact info
  • links to websites (main and nexudus), maybe a separate link to classes or eventbright?
  • link to floor plans
  • major categories, which might include: shops, major tools, members (links to external sites? wiki pages? both?), link to external calendar if we have one of those.
  • link to volunteer resources (signup sheets for trash/chores, whatever)

What content is public and what is member-only?

  • From Regis: I would think this should not be used for confidential information since we're not (as far as I know) going to limit wiki user membership to only Artisan's members, but we probably want to put a membership barrier behind a bunch of info just to keep drive-bys and page scraping.