Computer and Network Terms of Use

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The network and computer infrastructure at Artisans Asylum serves several purposes for members and visitors:

  • Connection of members’ computers to the external Internet.
  • Internal (intranet) connections between computers and devices such as 2D and 3D printers.
  • IoT connections for approved devices.
  • Limited control of internal devices from outside the Artisans network.

Network services are not intended to support:

  • General purpose servers, such as file servers, either for internal or external use.
  • High duty-cycle, high-bandwidth connections.
  • Wired (ethernet) connections to member computers or member devices. Exceptions require IT committee approval.
  • Transfer of copyright material not owned or licensed by the member.
  • Use of BitTorrent or other file sharing software that makes connections outside Artisans’ network.
  • Exceptions require approval of the IT committee (

Exceptions to the above include:

  • Wired connections to shared equipment, with guidance from the IT committee.
  • Low bandwidth, occasional access to internal equipment for monitoring purposes. For example, outside access to 3D printers for monitoring and controlling print jobs is permitted.
  • Special situations approved by the IT committee.

Network connections

  • Wired connections to AA internal networks require approval of the IT committee.
  • WiFi connections from point to point within the AA network may be used freely.
  • Connections that require data flow of more than 100 MB/sec, with a duty cycle of 50% or more, frequently throughout work hours require approval of the IT committee.
  • Connections originating from outside our network to points inside require permission and special provisions in our firewall.
  • Internal services, such as remotely controlled equipment, that are initiated internally but activated externally are limited to 50 kB/sec with a duty cycle of 50% or less. Greater bandwidth requires approval of the IT committee.
  • Use of zoom and other video conferencing connections from within the AA network is permitted.

We request that computers and other devices that are not in use, especially when the member is not present, be turned off our put in a sleep state to reduce our electric bills.

If you have a request, please fill out this IT request form.