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If you are already very familiar with adding/editing content in the Artisan’s Asylum wiki or any other Mediawiki-powered wiki, here are abbreviated steps to create a new shop page.

  • Check here to see if your shop is already listed on the wiki.
    • If it’s listed:
      • Click on the page with the name of your shop.
      • Click Edit to edit the page.
    • If your shop is not listed, create a page for a new "Category" with the name of the shop:  
      • Copy and paste this line into the address bar of your web browser, replacing “Orbital_Launch_Facility” with the name of your shop:
      • Click Create to create the page.
    • You should now see an editing window that lets you add content to the page.
    • Click on the gray box and choose Edit from the popup window to edit the Shop template.
      Next, fill out the Shop template:
      • Look for a box on the page with the title of the shop and a space for a picture (see screenshot).
      • If this isn’t on your page, add the Shop template:
        • Click Insert, then choose Template.
        • In the Template search window, type in “Shop”.
        • Click Add, then Insert to add the Shop template to the page.
      • Click on the gray box and choose Edit from the popup window to edit the template.
      • Fill the template out with the correct shop information.
    • Use the editor to add information about your shop to the page. Here are some suggestions:
      • A concise description of your shop
      • Rules and/or safety guidelines
      • The schedule for any regular shop events, like social meetings or maker meetups
    • To preview your changes, click Show preview.
    • Continue editing and previewing the page until you’re satisfied.
    • Click Save changes to save your changes.
    • Congratulations! You’ve made a shop page!