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Use task documents to learn how to complete a task, as opposed to finding factual information or understanding a concept.

Tasks can typically be done by one person over the course of a couple of hours.

Contrast tasks with processes, which are collections of tasks. Processes often require multiple participants and take days, weeks, or longer.


Examples of tasks at Artisan's include:

  • Focusing the laser on the laser cutter
  • Reserving a tool
  • Changing the speed of a drill press
  • Creating a tool page on the wiki

Writing a task document

Follow these best practices when writing task documentation:

  • Do not mix document types. Break out references or concepts into their own wiki article.
  • Draft your documentation on a collaboration platform like Google Docs first. Ask for feedback on your draft from others, especially subject matter experts.
  • Follow the style guide.
  • Do not duplicate information that's on a different wiki page -- instead, link to the other page, so that we maintain one source of authoritative information.
  • Test your documentation by trying to complete the task using the instructions.
  • Publish your documentation on the wiki once you're happy with it!