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Composite Shop
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Composite Shop
Building Holton
Lead Myra C
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The Composites and Plastics Shop provides space and equipment to fabricate projects working with a wide range of materials including resins, acrylics, polyurethanes, silicones, plasters, waxes, and foams. The shop is equipped with designated areas for mixing and casting a variety of flexible materials, allowing the creation of bubble free castings and molds using pressure pots, vacuum chambers, and heat tools. The Composites Shop provides dynamic workspace and handheld tools including dremels, heat guns, foam and mat cutters, and clamps for detailed projects, and houses a spray booth, downdraft table, vacuum former, belt and disc sanders, and band saws for larger assembly and fabrication.


RED tools require a tool test. Even if you are tested on a similar tool in another shop, you must also be tested and approved for use in the composite shop. RED tools with a tool test required include:

Band Saws

Belt and Disc Sanders

Pressure Pot

Vacuum Former

GREEN tools do not require a tool test. Most GREEN tools have a Teach-Yourself instructions linked below or by QR code on the tool itself; please read and follow these self guided instructions before using a tool. GREEN tools that do not require a tool test before using include:

Vacuum Chamber


Heat Guns

Hot Glue Guns

Caulking Gun

Downdraft Table

Fume Hood/Spray Booth



Laser Cutter managed by DigiFab

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