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Building Holton
Lead Nick Anastasia and Chaz Hing
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Tool Testers

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Hours Same as membership hours

The Digital Fabrication houses a variety of 3d printers, laser cutters, and a vinyl cutter.

Laser Cutters

BlackCat Laser Cutter (4 units) Sign up here

FDM Printers

Tool Class Tool Tester(s)
BambuLabs P1P RED Sign up here
LulzBot Taz6 RED Sign up here
Ender 3S1 (2 units) RED Sign up here
Creality Ender CR-30 RED Sign up here
anyCubic Kobra RED Sign up here
Prusa MK3 (2 units) RED Sign up here
Markforged Mark 2 RED email:
SynDaver Axi 2 (2 units) RED (out of service)
Creality Ender 6 RED (out of service)

Link to: Category:3D Printers - Extrusion

Vinyl Cutter

Vinyl cutter