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Goal: This guide will walk you through documsenting a tool on the Artisan Asylum Wiki. It is not too hard! You can’t break the wiki, so just give it a try! If you are already comfortable with mediawiki, you can use the Short Instructions. Otherwise, there are longer instructions –[coming soon] they are several pages long, but there are lots of helpful pictures.

Short Instructions

ToolBox Edit.png

If you are already very familiar with adding/editing content on any Mediawiki-powered wiki, use these instructions:

  • Create a page for a new "Category" with the name of the tool:  
    • Copy and paste this line into the address bar of your web browser, replacing “Jet Horizontal Band Saw” with the name of your tool:: Horizontal Band Saw
    • Click on the Create tab to create the page Note: you need to be logged in to create a new page.
    • You should now see an editing window that lets you add content to the page.
  • Next, fill out the ToolBox Template:
    • Click Insert, then choose Template.
    • In the Template search window, type in “ToolBox”.
    • Click Add, then Insert to add the ToolBox template to the page.
    • Click on the gray box and choose Edit from the popup window to edit the template. (See Example)
    • Fill the template out with the correct tool information.
  • Use the editor to add information about your tool to the page. Here are some suggestions
    • Safety Information
    • Materials Information
    • Operating Instructions, including videos, diagrams, or caution
    • Maintenance
    • Common problems and troubleshooting information
    • Additional Tool Specific Categories, as needed
  • To preview your changes, click Show preview.
  • Continue editing and previewing the page until you’re satisfied.
  • Click Save changes to save your changes.

Congratulations! You’ve made a tool page!