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All A2-related events are listed on one of three Google calendars. Calendars can be viewed* on the A2 Website, or via the individual calendar links below. Use these calendars to get an overview of events relevant to A2, understand how shops and spaces will be used, and find opportunities to participate and engage with all of the events Artisan's offers:

  • A2 Internal/Private Events
    • Events and meetings for Artisan's members ONLY
    • Some private events may be open to subsets of members and hosted elsewhere
    • e.g. member and committee meetings, social gatherings

*Password to view the Internal Calendar (Member Calendar) is: A2MembersOnly.


To add an event to the calendar and send invitations (optional), either:

  • Fill out this form
  • Email with:
    • A subject line with [For A2 Internal or External Calendar]
    • Event description
    • Date and time
    • Location (please make your own reservations as necessary)
    • List of invitees (e.g. members, staff etc. )
    • Optionally, a point/person of contact for any questions or updates

To add an event from the calendar to a personal calendar either:

  • Go to the google calendar and “copy” or download the calendar invite (this will not enable you to follow any updates)
  • Accept the initial invite sent by front-desk (or request a re-invitation)