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Lead Doug Ruuska
Tool Testers

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Machine Shop

Shop Night Social

Shop Night happens every so often and is a great opportunity to get involved with the Machine Shop. It's open to everyone and anyone who's willing and available to clean, fabricate infrastructure, sort consumables, and organize the shop. Shop night usually goes from 6pm to 10pm and there's usually some free pizza! Make sure to sign up for the mailing list to be the first to know.

Tool Testers

  • Art Torrey
  • Puppy


Tool Class Tool Tester(s)
Accupath M3X CNC Milling Machine RED Through the CNC class only
Manual Milling Machine 1 RED Puppy or Art Torrey
Manual Milling Machine 2 RED Puppy or Art Torrey
Acer Dynamic 1340G Manual Lathe RED Puppy or Art Torrey
Logan '''PART NUMBER''' Manual Lathe RED Puppy or Art Torrey
Dake SB-32V Drill Press RED Puppy
Johnson Horizontal Bandsaw RED Puppy

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