Organizational Structure

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Important Documents

Artisans Asylum Code of Bylaws

Staff Roles

Executive Director (
Manages A2 internal operations and coordinates with staff. Interfaces with Board. Pays the bills.
Education & Community Program Director (
Develops and organizes educational programming with schools and external organizations hosted at A2. Runs Fabville, an A2-affiliated makerspace at Somerville High School
Facilities Director (
Maintains Holton & Antwerp buildings. Interface between A2 and Harvard Real Estate.
Programs & Events Coordinator
Develops education programs, classes, and events at A2. Develops classes with new instructors.
Member Services Director (Currently Vacant)
Directs the fulfillment of services rendered for members.
Member Services Assistant (Virtual,
Administrative assistant, focused on membership billing and all things Nexudus.
IT-Lead (
Coordinates with the IT committee to maintain IT infrastructure and address IT concerns.

Shop Lead Roles

Shop Leads are part-time staff (2.5hrs/wk) who manage and maintain shops.


Casting Shop:

Composite Shop:

Design Lab & Digital Photography Shop:

Digital Fabrication Shop:

Electronic & Robotics Shop:

Fiber Arts Shop:


Jewelry Shop:

Screen Printing Shop:

Antwerp Shops

Bike Shop:

Finishing Shop:

Machine Shop:

Metal Shop:

Wood Shop:

Volunteer Roles

Board of Directors
Formal governance of the A2 non profit organization.
Manages front-desk administrative operations (phone and email). Provide an interface between visitors and Artisans Asylum. Supports staff with administrative tasks and members with questions and general needs.
Deskie-Lead (
Coordinates and organizes front desk volunteers. Contact point for staff and members regarding front-desk matters.
Tool Testers
Tests members on their knowledge of the proper use of tools in shops. Tool Testers support their respective shop leads in maintaining tools and a proper shop environment.
Volunteer Coordinator
Organizes volunteer projects and coordinates volunteers.

A2 Committees and Working Groups

These member-organized and -lead committees and working groups investigate or address various issues at A2 and advise, propose, and/or implement solutions.

Development Committee
Organizes fundraising opportunities; develops proposals for grants
Commerce and Merchandise Committee
Establishment of giftshop and sales opportunities.
Communications Committee and Information Architecture Committee
Developing digital infrastructure and communication norms to facilitate better communication and information flow
Education Committee
Developing classes, curriculum, and programs.
Health and Safety Committee (
Addresses health and safety concerns. Ensuring a safe environment and use of spaces.
IT Committee (
Maintains IT infrastructure and addresses IT concerns.
Metal Shop Working Group (
The Metal Shop Working Group is the Board of Directors for the shop, helping Shop Leads with things like setting shop policy, making spending decisions, and generally determining the shop’s direction. Please join!
Steering Committee (
Identifies A2 needs (financial, operational, organizational etc.) and initiates member-organized efforts & projects to help address them.
Social Events Team (
Organizes member events and socials for community building.
Policy and Procedures Committee
Developing policies and procedures for membership.
Utilities Committee
Investigating utility costs.
Volunteerism Committee
Promotes and fosters a volunteerism culture.
Antwerp Building Working Group
Maintains Antwerp facilities
New Member Orientation Team (
Team of Deskies who provide new member orientation.
Wiki Working Group (
Developing the infrastructure of this wiki!