What Information Goes Where

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Use this reference as a guideline for where to store information about A2.

Type of information Primary audience Best location Examples
General information about A2 General public Public website Directions, hours, available classes, high-level overview of shops and tools
Committee updates Members Members mailing list Progress reports from the Health and Safety committee
Detailed tool listings Members Wiki Open Face Paint BoothBlackCat Laser CutterIronworker
Casual Q&A or chat Members DiscordMembers mailing listDirect email Requests to borrow a tool

Asking for help unloading a delivery Member-to-member questions

Shop rules Members Wiki Electronics and Robotics shop rules
Class listings General public Public website Acrylic painting workshop

Metal shop 101

Shop or equipment reservations Members Nexudus Reserving time on the ShopBot
Meeting notes (except board meeting minutes) Meeting participants Google Drive Communications subcommittee meeting agenda and notes
Board meeting minutes General public Wiki category linked to from the public website
A2 staff and paid volunteer internal documentation A2 staff and paid volunteers Google Drive Accounting information

Revenue projections Job descriptions Employee handbook Internal procedures Shop signage documents

Event listings (open to the public) General public Public website Circuit hacking night

Maker’s Market Tours

Event listings (members only) Members A2 internal private events calendar New member orientation

General assembly

Draft documentation that needs feedback Members

A2 staff

Google Drive Unpublished wiki articles awaiting feedback

Draft policy documents

Draft course curriculum

Dynamic documents Varied Google Drive


Project outlines that frequently change

Troubleshooting procedures that are periodically improved

Course curriculum ready for publication and widespread use